Behind the scenes for the latest collection : VAGABOND

Behind the scenes for the latest collection : VAGABOND

Fashion is a defining and true statement of one's self. What we wear is a conscious choice, one that reflects the lifestyle we choose to live.  Fashion isn't necessarily about what is trending right now, but the intention behind selecting items of clothing that tell a story about who we are today, Fashion is about making a statement, staying true to ourselves, and ultimately, feeling and sharing our own unique vibes.

When crafting designs and new pieces, it is essential that we capture the essence of woman – the inspired, empowered, confident, desirable, elegant, full-of-flavour woman who lives and breathes within us all. 

We want our designs to connect with the spirit of the woman wearing them and ignite her divine feminine qualities so she can truly feel them in their entirety.  We want every woman wearing our clothes to feel radiant as soon as she places them on her body.  For that is fashion, to not only wear an item but also feel it – that is what inspires us to create.



behind the label


Immokalee Designs is something I’ve dreamt of doing for a long time, maybe not even consciously, but my whole life has lead me to this point and it just ‘fits’.  In my bedroom at my parents’ home, I still have a glorious artist’s depiction of a fashion croquis taped to the wall, which I discovered in an old fashion magazine.  There was something magical about that drawing; the elongated, sculptured limbs; the way the fabric melted graciously, as if  both the woman and dress were created solely for each other.  Most importantly, it made me feel something – a striking elegance mixed with luxury, evoking dreams of excitement and wonder I'd not felt anywhere else.  That one thought-provoking drawing sparked my desire for creative growth. It made me want to encompass the glamour this artist had captured, breathe it in and become all that I could be.  It is the essence of my designs.

Clothing and fashion are just one of the remarkable platforms we utilise to express ourselves.  In this day and age we are constantly working on defining ourselves in every way possible, and through fashion this is boundlessly achievable.  It is about showing people who we are as individuals and associating ourselves with brands and trends that align with us on an emotional level.  It isn’t just about buying the most expensive brand or name anymore; it’s about selecting outfits that represent our vibe and provide a platform to showcase our hard-earned individuality.

I want to give people the opportunity to express themselves through my work. The dimension of wordless communication that fashion permits plays an important role in my design philosophy. It is a fascinating, never-ending concept. 

As a designer, creating an item of clothing with your own two hands and watching it come to life as it blends into the person wearing it is incredibly inspiring and fulfilling.

My first designs began when I decided to make clothes that I wanted to wear myself.  I envisioned certain traits I wanted to represent through my clothing and came to the conclusion that I had an array of personalities to cater for.  The items had to be floaty, beachy, western boho, comfortable, colourful, variable with the seasons, full of movement and life, and versatile – from a sunrise breakfast to a sunset cocktail under the stars.  I’m a dreamer, and unashamedly so, and the garments from every collection are a reflection of my personal style, with a dash of exuberance.  I wanted to arouse visions of desert haze, swirling skirts and dancing summer feet.

The clothes I create have a lot of love sewn into them.  Each individual item is unique and carefully hand crafted.  These pieces are for the wandering, passionate, gypsy dreamer dancing inside us all.

I am passionate about the ethical production of clothing, so I am constantly working on improving in every aspect of my label; whether it be more ecological packaging or more sustainable fabrics or more environmentally conscious manufacturers. There is always room for improvement and there has been this wonderful shift in the Australian fashion industry towards slow and ethical fashion. I am excited to see where it will all move to from here.