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Immokalee Designs is an Australian based women's apparel label.

We should always feel graceful and empowered in the clothes we wear; for our clothes represent our style, and our style is what sets us apart.

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Presently, majority of our items are designed and hand crafted in-house, in North Queensland, Australia. We have our first on shore manufactured stock (the Fame Palazzo Pant) which are proudly crafted in Melbourne, Australia.

Each individual piece is carefully curated and designed to deliver the highest quality garment.  By producing only a select number of each garment, we ensure exclusivity to our customers and maintain excellent quality, luxury items.

Immokalee Designs is dedicated to ethical production and opacity in the clothing industry. We support local and off shore small businesses that promote ethical production standards and endorse small batch, sustainable manufacturing. If you would like to know more about where your clothes come from, please send an email to

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